Singing jazz isn't something I chose to do. My mentor, Henry “The Skipper” Franklin, first asked me soon after we met in 2000 when I was going to start singing jazz professionally. I had already dabbled in nightclub performance when I lived in Viet Nam for a year, immersed in my international public health studies and humanitarian work. My mentor there was an internationally known jazz pianist and composer, Nguyen Anh 9.  At that time I thought if I couldn't belt like Mariah Carey or scat like Ella, singing professionally wasn't worth pursuing. But after Henry had asked me every few days for about four months, “When are ya gonna start?” I began to believe that I could actually be a jazz singer.

Sometimes I close my eyes during the solos and get lost, maybe even feel like I am floating. I encourage people to get in touch with their inner artists and give them space to express themselves. It is how we heal life’s wear-and-tear and keep our health and happiness long-term. My inner artist sings.

I create an ambiance from bygone days when people could sit with an artisan cocktail and enjoy interesting and witty companions and conversation. It isn't easy to find this 

Jazz dovetails with my other work, which includes music therapy to help prevent bullying, domestic violence, 
depression, PTSD and suicide. 

I teach self-empowering emotional management classes to children and adults at places of worship, schools, health care facilities and workplaces nationwide. Your support helps us to offer critical services at low- to no-cost for low-income, indigent, and vulnerable populations such as survivors of disasters and crime; first responders; military veterans and their families; and people who can be reached through suicide hotlines, drug rehab centers, mental health facilities, homeless shelters, or hospice care.

In my private practice, I coach individuals and groups, and create / manage employee wellness programs.

Please contact me if you are interested in these services. 646.884.0505 • janellehearttune@gmail.com