Special thanks to...

• Derwin Landis, student of Jascha Heifitz and my beloved violin/viola teacher from childhood, whose vision for my musical future always included New York City. He passed in 2010 but his inspiration lives on.
• Nguyen Anh 9, Viet Nam’s own son: renowned jazz composer, lyricist, arranger, bandleader and pianist, who so generously fanned the spark to a flame in this jazz singer’s heart when she was so very far from home in 1995. He died in April of 2016 and I imagine him playing in the greatest jazz band ever, with all the greats who got there before him.
• Henry “The Skipper” Franklin kept asking me when I was going to start singing jazz. You are my #1 supporter, mentor and link to the jazz world. But most of all, I’m blessed to call you “friend.”
• Jacque Smillie, my healer, dear friend and adopted big sister, who always sees me living my dreams and gives me the best advice ever: “Sing!”
• Arthur Barfield, my jazz running buddy in Bangkok, Thailand, from 2007-2009. He introduced me to the great cool jazz crooners and gave positive (and constructive) feedback in no uncertain terms. Rest in peace, my friend. I miss you.
• Marc Daine is my “musical spouse,” or is it just that we have musical ESP after 3 years of rehearsals and performances since March 2011? His understanding and support make up my musical foundation here in NYC.
• JC, my friend and “secret weapon” for his knowledge of the music
industry, gracious support, and encouragement to take the next step!
• Pasquale Sabarese, a great jazz tenor sax player and
bandleader I met one hot summer night when I first discovered NYC’s double bassist and composer Iris Ornig.  I loved our hours-long conversations and his stories from a bygone era. He died in 2014 after a long illness but his inspiration lives on.
• Edwin Bobrow and Nikki Henkin, for understanding my vision -- or at least trying to -- and sharing their expertise and guidance.